During these unprecedented times, we know that many of you may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little paranoid about the future. We also understand that due to COVID-19, your worldview may have changed when it comes to the stability of your job, health, and home.

While Baker & Baker Benefits remains open for business, and we’re available to take your Group Benefits, Health and Life Insurance calls, we wanted to create an online resource to share what we’ve learned throughout this experience.

We hope these insights will help to empower you as you plan ahead for your future.

Learning From COVID-19

At Baker & Baker Benefits, we have seen first-hand how COVID-19 impacted our clients, their employees, and their families, and we have learned, very quickly, that insurance and other safety nets are more essential than ever before.

So, while we don’t want everyone to look to the future in complete fear of another pandemic or tragic event, we believe that looking ahead is a wise and commendable step to take forward.

Leave Paranoia Behind & Get Prepared

One of the biggest, most productive shifts we encourage all of our clients to commit to is to let go of paranoia and instead start preparing – to ensure you’re ready to face anything that may come your way.

By laying the important groundwork for things you’ll need (or might need) in the future, such as employee benefits, life insurance, or individual/family health insurance, you can relieve some of the stress that may be building and feeling so burdensome to you right now.

“There is so much merit in creating a plan for risks and challenges that you may face in a few months or even a few years.” – Craig Baker 

Knowing Who You Can Depend On

Another insight that has become so clear to us over the past few months is the power of knowing who you can depend on when your husband loses his job, your wife falls ill, or your travel plans get canceled.

When things get scary, and you don’t feel like you have a plan in place, or know who to turn to for help, chaos can ensue.

However, we know that when we work with the right partners and feel empowered to face challenges together, everything becomes more manageable.

Our mission at Baker & Baker Benefits is to work for Canadian businesses, employees, and families to get the most customized and affordable insurance coverage possible.

That means we have one priority – keeping you safe and secure, no matter what’s going on in the world around us.

Asking For Help When You Need It

We have also gained deeper clarity on asking for help when you need it and offering help when you can give it.

As your insurance partner, it is our job to make sure you have all the information you need about your benefits plan and insurance policy – now, and forever.

Baker & Baker Benefits Is Here To Help

“We are committed to being there whenever you may need our guidance or advice. We provide clients with peace of mind knowing their family and loved ones will be taken care of, no matter what happens.” – Lorna Coulter

Should you have any questions, contact us today at 1-866-369-4474 or info@bakerandbakerbenefits.com

Stay safe. Wash your hands. And please know we’re here for you.

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