Visitor to Canada Insurance

Visitor Insurance Plans

Recently arrived in Canada? Protect yourself from unforeseen emergency medical costs with an affordable Visitor to Canada insurance plan!

Unforeseen accidents happen while traveling. Visitor health insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself from costly hospital visits. Visitor to Canada insurance has many advantages over travel insurance from other countries!

What Does Visitor Insurance Cover?

Visitor insurance plans offer financial protection from unforeseen medical expenses resulting from a medical emergency (accident or illness) while travelling in Canada. Coverage includes::

  • Physician services
  • Ambulance services
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription drugs

Who Is Visitor Insurance For?

Visitor plans are ideal for:

  • Foreign students
  • Landed immigrants
  • Returning Canadian expats
  • Foreign workers
  • People visiting family in Canada
  • Anyone else visiting Canada
Hazardous Activities

Advantages of Canadian Visitor Insurance vs Travel Insurance

  • Canadian insurance companies have direct billing for many Canadian hospitals (so you don’t have to pay up-front for medical services)
  • Canadian insurance companies have long-term, trusted relationships with Canadian hospitals
  • Visitor to Canada insurance results in fewer difficulties when a claim is made (compared to foreign out-of-country travel insurance)
Visitor Insurance

Visitor Insurance Eligibility

To qualify for visitor plan you:

  • Must not be insured by a provincial healthcare plan (such as OHIP)
  • Cannot be in Canada for over 2 years
  • Must be in good health (you MAY qualify for coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, contact us for more)
  • NOTE: If you want to do hazardous activities please contact us for assistance (many visitor/travel plans do not cover accidents caused by parachuting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, etc.)
Visitor Insurance

Read Your Policy

Once you have been issued a policy it is important to read the policy carefully and understand the limits and restrictions that may apply to your plan. If you have completed a medical questionnaire and you have made an error and answered a question incorrectly it may cause your policy to become void and no claims will be paid.


Why do I need medical insurance?

If you have an accident or get ill while in Canada you will have to pay for any medical assistance provided by a healthcare provider in a hospital or medical clinic. Contrary to some opinions, medical costs are very expensive here (in one case an Australian couple ended up with a $1,000,000 medical bill)!

Do I need visitor insurance if I have travel insurance from my own country?

No, you do not need a visitor plan if you already have travel medical insurance. Note, however, that there are numerous advantages to getting a visitor plan from a Canadian insurance provider versus getting travel insurance from your own country of residence. Click here for more information.

What does my visitor insurance policy cover?

A visitor insurance policy is similar to travel insurance in that it covers emergency medical costs and any “unforeseen” medical expenses while away from home. Most policies have some restrictions and conditions that limit the extent of coverage. Note: pregnancy is regarded as a “pre-existing condition”, and medical expenses resulting from being pregnant (e.g. premature birth) MAY NOT be covered!

Am I covered for COVID-19?

Some policies do offer coverage for costs related to COVID-19. Contact us for further details.

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