Personal Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

Explore a great selection of personal health, dental, critical illness and disability insurance plans that help Canadian individuals and families protect their health and well being.

As experienced, licensed Canadian insurance brokers it is our mission to find you the best personal health insurance plans that fit your particular situation. We work with Canadian insurance companies on your behalf to find the right coverage at the best price!

Are you self employed? Don’t have group benefits with your employer? Have you recently retired? Are you looking for security of family benefits in case of a planned or unexpected career change? Did you recently lose group benefits coverage from your employer, or maybe your employer plan is not enough?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions there is an individual or family health insurance plan that is right for you. You always want to make sure you have some level of coverage for health, dental, critical illness and disability. Put us work for you. First we will review what you already have in place and recommend what you need. Then we go to the Canadian insurance companies and find the best prices and plans available.

Health, Dental, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance

Healthy individuals and families can get the best possible coverage by answering a few medical questions. There are plans available for those who don’t have any coverage and also plans for those who wish to augment their existing coverage.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Are you currently taking a medication, have some medical history or don’t want to answer any questions?  A guaranteed issue health and dental plan may be right choice for you since acceptance to these plans is guaranteed. Certain conditions apply, let us help you decide which plan fits best. For more click here.

Health and Dental Conversion Plans

Have you recently lost employee benefits coverage obtained through an employer? Are you planning a career change or maybe retirement? There are specialty conversion plans available that let you continue your coverage seamlessly. Be sure to contact us before your current policy lapses!  Let us show you what is available. Click here for more.


How much does personal health insurance cost?

Personal health insurance plans (designed for families and individuals) vary greatly in cost and benefits. It depends on the size of your family, the level of coverage you choose and the province you live in. One of our licensed, experienced health insurance advisors can help you determine which company has the best plan for your particular situation.

Do I need to do a medical to qualify for health insurance?

Usually yes, there is a medical questionnaire required for most plans. However, there are specialized plans available where no medical questions are asked and coverage is guaranteed. Contact us to determine if you qualify for a non medical plan or if answering a few medical questions will be the best plan for you.

What is the difference between individual and group health insurance?

Individual health insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company to provide coverage for routine and unexpected medical expenses. Group insurance is a contract between an employer and the insurance company to provide coverage for routine and unexpected medical expenses for eligible employees. Group plans often have additional benefits like life, accident and disability insurance. Premiums for group insurance are paid in part or whole by the employer while premiums for individual health insurance are paid solely by the individual.  

Besides Ontario health insurance, do you provide benefits to other provinces in Canada?

Health insurance brokers at Baker & Baker Benefits are licensed to operate in the following Canadian provinces:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia


Baker & Baker always answers my calls promptly. I am semi-retired and travel frequently. Craig makes it easy or me to go away with peace of mind.

Craig has made the seemingly daunting experience of purchasing term life insurance easy by carefully walking me through the process Craig has also helped me discover how much I needed to protect my family.

Craig has been a great asset in assisting me navigating the Canadian benefits universe, which is quite different than the US. Craig’s knowledge of the Canadian healthcare plans, and his insights as to the plan design and options have been a great addition to our Canadian Team.

Craig Baker has been our broker ever since we started with benefits over 10 years ago. He has always been there to help us save money on premiums, assist with claims and answer any questions from my team.