Travel Medical Insurance

Get affordable travel insurance coverage and explore the world without the stress and uncertainty of any “what if’s?”

Taking a trip is about planning and preparation, but sometimes the unexpected can and does happen. The best way to protect yourself when travelling is to purchase a travel insurance plan that offers emergency medical coverage (there are also optional coverages such as trip cancellation).

There are many variations on Travel insurance – let us help find the one that is right for you.

All Inclusive:  Comprehensive coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency dental, trip cancellations, trip interruptions, flight and travel accident, lost baggage and/or personal effects.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:  Protects your investment in a travel expense.  Should you have to cancel your trip for a covered cause then the insurer will reimburse your costs.  The cost of the policy will be determined by the amount of coverage you purchase and how far in the future you are traveling.

Emergency Travel Medical:  Covers unforeseen medical expenses when traveling outside your home province or country.  There are many variations and some plans do have exclusions and restrictions depending on your age and current health.

Annual Plans:  Similar to emergency travel, however, coverage is for an entire year and protects you no matter how many times you travel.
Plans cover up to a specific number of days per trip usually 4, 8, 10, 15, or 30 days. Some plans cover up to 60 days per trip.  If you have an annual plan and travel longer than your covered days you can purchase top-up coverage.

Top up plans:
A compliment to annual plans designed to cover you for trips beyond your annual plan maximum.

Preexisting Conditions

A preexisting condition is any known health or medical condition that has manifested before purchasing a travel insurance plan. Some travel medical plans will cover preexisting conditions if:

  • The applicant’s preexisting condition is considered “stable” for a required amount of time before applying for coverage. Note, however, the definition of a “stable” medical condition differs from insurance company to insurance company, as does the required amount of time that a condition must be stable before being covered.
  • The applicant is eligible for coverage (each insurance company has its own eligibility questionnaire with some health-related questions).


Eligibility Questionnaires

Once you reach a certain age (differs between insurers) you will be required to complete an eligibility questionnaire. Generally speaking, you can also be excluded from standard travel medical coverage if you:

  • Have a terminal disease
  • Are traveling against the advice of a doctor
  • Have AIDS
  • Have metastatic cancer
  • Have kidney disease

Read Your Policy

Once you have completed an application and have been issued a policy it is very important to read the policy carefully and understand the limits and restrictions that may apply to your plan. Also if you have completed a medical questionnaire double check the questions and your answers. If you have made an error and answered a question incorrectly it may cause your policy to become void and no claims will be paid.


Why do I need travel medical insurance?

Your provincial health insurance plan does not cover most expenses incurred when you are out of your home province. An unexpected trip to an emergency room or sudden illness can lead to huge medical bills. Travel medical insurance can pay these expenses and for a reasonable premium provide peace of mind and financial security when travelling. Call us today and we can find the best plan for your next trip.

Do I need to have travel insurance only if I'm leaving Canada?

It is important to have travel medical insurance anytime you are leaving your province of residence, not just when you leave Canada. Provincial health plans such as OHIP in Ontario or the MSP in BC do not cover you once you leave your province of residence. There are some intra-provincial agreements on some medical costs, however, the benefits are very limited. Unexpected medical expenses away from home can be financially devastating. Call us today for a quote on coverage for your next trip.

What does my travel insurance policy cover?

Typically travel medical insurance policies cover emergency medical costs and any “unforseen” medical expense while away from home. However, most policies have some restrictions and conditions that limit the extent of coverage. It is very important to read your policy documents and understand these limits before you travel.  Call us today and we will help make the small print clear.

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