Whoa! What’s happening? I can’t keep up! There’s too much information to filter through. Nobody seems to be addressing MY question.

Information has been coming at a fast pace regarding new policies and procedures and creative ways of conducting business during the COVID 19 pandemic. The Canadian insurance industry is no exception.

Our Mission Remains The Same

Our mission at Baker & Baker Benefits is to help Canadian businesses, employees and families get the most customized and affordable insurance coverage possible. We don’t work for an insurance company; we work for you, your business, your employees and your family. It’s our job to make sure you have all the information you need about your benefits plan and insurance policy. That will always be our top priority.

Our phones and inboxes have been lighting up the last few weeks addressing questions and concerns about benefit plans and life insurance policies and how they are affected during this unprecedented pandemic.

Our Focus Amid COVID-19

Over the next while, we are shifting the focus of our blog to specifically address COVID 19 and the changing landscape of Canadian employee benefits, individual life, health, and dental insurance.

We will be tackling issues from the perspective of business owners, employees, self-employed individuals, their families, and even our fellow Canadian Insurance Brokers; such as:

  • Can I still apply for life insurance in Ontario during the COVID 19 pandemic?
  • Group benefits annual renewal and COVID 19, what every small business owner needs to know.
  • Top 5 questions about Employee Benefits Plans and laying off employees
  • What are the 5 largest life insurance carriers in Canada doing to help clients ease the burden of their monthly premiums?
  • My business is shut down, what about our benefits?
  • Do I still have to deliver my client their life insurance policy in person during the COVID 19 pandemic for it to be in force?

Stay tuned and please continue to send us your insurance-related questions, concerns, and topics.

Contact us for more information by phone 1-866-369-4474 or email info@bakerandbakerbenefits.com

Be well. Stay home. Wash your hands and know we are here for you!

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