The Importance of Health & Wellness Programs

Life insurance is more than just a policy to cover you in times of death. Your insurance carrier wants you to be healthy, happy and productive. This is why most carriers are offering health and wellness programs, aimed at educating and supporting their clients in maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Why Invest In Health & Wellness Programs?

Health and wellness programs are designed to educate both employers and employees. Studies show that employers who take an active interest in their employee’s health and well-being have reduced employee absenteeism by a significant number. Employers who implement programs to promote healthy lifestyles and stress reduction have happier employees with less “burn out” rates and increased productivity.

Ask About Your Company’s Wellness Commitment

Talk to your employer about health wellness programs, and ask what programs are available for you and your co-workers.

Remember, your health is important not only to you but to your employer and your insurance carrier.

Take advantage of these programs to ensure your health for years to come!

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