We are receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries about supplementary health care insurance to compliment provincial plans.  In particular, most people are interested in continuing coverage during a career transition.  

If you are exiting an employer sponsored benefit plan be sure to contact your health insurance broker as soon as possible to ensure the easiest and most affordable transition.  

With a second wave of COVID 19 looming on the horizon, it is worth taking a look at what you and your family are protected for from a healthcare perspective. 


Each Canadian province and territory has its own policies and standards for coverage when it comes to health insurance

While basic healthcare needs are largely covered by the Government here in Canada, there are still many medications and medical treatments that citizens must pay for with their hard earned salaries and savings. 

To fill the gap, supplementary health & dental  insurance exists to ensure families across our great nation are protected and well supported when in need. 

Why do I need a health & dental insurance plan?

  • Are you self employed? 
  • Don’t have group benefits with your employer? 
  • Have you recently retired? 
  • Are you looking for security of family benefits in case of a planned or unexpected career change? 
  • Did you recently lose group benefits coverage from your employer, or maybe your employer plan is not enough?

If something happens to you and you don’t have health insurance, costs for treatment can snowball, becoming increasingly expensive over time. 

Having a comprehensive health & dental insurance plan is essential for those looking to offset the costs of treatments they require to achieve good health and maintain financial stability. 

What does a health insurance broker do to help me?

Health insurance brokers are there to support individuals and families find the plans that are right for their needs. 

Health insurance brokers can review current health coverage plans and advise as to what other supports or plans may help to cover you in case of a medical concern or emergency. 

Canadian Health Insurance Plan Resources 

Not sure what your province or territory covers when it comes to your health care needs? Find your location below to learn more: 


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



Northwest Territories



Ontario Healthcare Overview (OHIP) 

In Ontario, where Baker & Baker Benefits is headquartered, OHIP covers the following: 

  • Visits to doctors
  • Hospital visits and stays
  • Eligible dental surgery in hospital
  • Eligible optometry (eye-health services)
  • Podiatry (foot-health services)
  • Ambulance services
  • Travel for health services if you live in northern Ontario

Other everyday expenses like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, therapists and specialists are not covered by government health insurance.  A supplemental plan can help cover these costs and prevent financial hardship due to unforeseen medical costs.  A health insurance broker can help you navigate the many plan choices available and get the best plan options for you and your family. 

Choosing The Right Supplementary Healthcare Insurance Plan 

With various supplementary plans to choose from, it can be hard to understand which health coverage plan will be right for your unique situation. That’s where we come in. 

At Baker & Baker, we work with several providers, allowing you to choose from various options presented to you. Choosing the right plan often comes down to:

  • How many people will be on the plan
  • How old the people are on the plan
  • Health concerns 
  • Gaps in employment or government coverage 
  • Budget for plan 

Contact Baker & Baker Benefits 

As experienced, licensed Canadian insurance brokers it is our mission to find you the best personal health insurance plans that fit your particular situation. We work with Canadian insurance companies on your behalf to find the right coverage at the best price!  There is no charge to you for our services.  Once you choose a plan, we are compensated by the insurance carrier.   

Contact us today to explore a great selection of personal health, dental, critical illness and disability insurance plans that help Canadian individuals and families protect their health and well being.

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