In the past 50 years, the role of women in Canadian society has greatly changed. As well as continuing to be wives and/or mothers, women play a vital role in the Canadian business sector.

Women also play a major role in the earning of the family finances, with either being the sole wage earner or at least contributing a significant portion of the income.

Life insurance has traditionally focused on the family “breadwinner”, to ensure that if something should happen, the family would be adequately provided for. As women are now assuming greater financial responsibility for their families, it is vitally important for them to examine their insurance coverage. Women need to adequately assess their financial role in their family and insure themselves accordingly.

As either a sole wage earner, or as a contributor to the family finances, women need to assess not only the loss of income that would occur in case of death but also what financial goals they wish to accomplish. Life insurance coverage should reflect the ever-growing role that women play in the workplace and the financial success of their families.

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