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Baker & Baker Benefits has been trusted GMS brokers for over 20 years. Group Medical Services is a Canadian health insurance pioneer!


GMS, or Group Medical Services, is one of Canada’s oldest health and travel insurance companies.

Based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, GMS is a pioneer when it comes to Canadian health insurance. GMS was founded in 1949, and since then they have expanded their coverage to Canadians across the country.

Brief History

Group Medical Services was founded in 1949 in Regina, Saskatchewan as a result of a merger between cooperative and doctor-sponsored medical insurance plans.

GMS provided coverage for healthcare-related expenses before the province of Saskatchewan even implemented Medicare, which is the province’s healthcare system.

Although Saskatchewan’s Medicare healthcare system covered many healthcare related costs, there were still expenses that members of the public had to pay out of their own pocket. GMS then stepped in to bridge these gaps, and began offering health plans that covered those costs not covered by Medicare.

For example, Group Medical Services plans offered coverage for healthcare expenses such as prescription drugs, ambulance services and nursing (all of which form much of the core plans of health insurance seen in Canada today).

Insurance Services Offered

The following are just some of the insurance services and plans offered by GMS (and their brokers):

  • Replacement health insurance (group conversion plans).
  • Personal health insurance (medically underwritten health insurance).
  • Group benefits.
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • Immigrants and visitor insurance.
  • Living wellness plans.

Personal Health Plan

The Personal Health plan from GMS is their medically underwritten health and dental insurance plan (there are medical questions to be answered). There are actually 3 specific plans: Basic, Extended and Omni (with increasing levels of coverage, respectively). Each core plan can have optional coverage added to them such as prescription drugs, dental and vision care. These personal health insurance plans also have several very special features that are unique to GMS:

  • The 3-month waiting period for dental coverage will be waived if you apply within 60 days of having group benefits dental coverage.
  • If the 3 month dental is waived then you automatically enter into 3rd year dental coverage levels (maximum coverage)!
  • When enhanced drug coverage is added to the plan there is a $5,000/year maximum, and up to $800/year of this can be used for pre-existing medications and/or medications to treat pre-existing conditions.

For more details see this GMS Personal Health Plan Options Chart.

Replacement Health Plan

GMS Replacement Health is a guaranteed issue health insurance plan that is designed for people who have recently lost their group insurance coverage (you must apply within 60 days of losing your employee benefits). It actually consists of 3 plans: the EssentialPlan, ChoicePlan and PremierPlan (with increasing coverage levels, respectively).

Similar to the Personal Health plans, the Replacement Health plans are especially ideal for large families and families with older children. This is because GMS offers a family rate, and it is the age of the oldest person on the application that determines the rate. The ages of the children and the number of children covered doesn’t affect the rate at all!

For more details see this GMS Replacement Health Plan Options Chart.

We Are GMS Brokers for These Areas

Baker & Baker Benefits are GMS brokers for many different parts of Canada, including but not limited to the following areas:


  • Toronto, York Region, Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Halton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Durham, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Peel, Mississauga, Brampton, Simcoe, Barrie, Bradford and Orillia.


  • Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, St. Albert, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Airdrie, Spruce Grove and Leduc..

British Columbia

  • Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Kelowna, Langley Township, Saanich and Delta.

Helpful Links

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